First itinerary / 80 km / 12 September 2015

Departure at 8:30
Arrival by 12:30

Departure from the Abbazia Celestiniana near Sulmona. Continue through the town along Corso Ovidio. Head towards the junction of Pacentro, climbing uphill to Cansano and Campo di Giove, where the participants can enjoy their first stop.

Invigorated by the typical local products, they will continue up to the Valico della Forchetta, and then down to the Piana di Palena and onto the road of the Bosco di Sant’Antonio (the oldest beech forest of Italy). A flight of some ten kilometres now takes them towards Cansano and then Pacentro where one last stop is to be enjoyed before plunging into the descent on the Morronese that will lead the group back to finish the itinerary at the Abbazia Celestiniana.


Second itinerary / 150 km / 13 September 2015

Departure at 7:30
Arrival by 19:30

Departure from the unrivalled Piazza Garibaldi in Sulmona. Ascent to Bugnara and then to Anversa degli Abruzzi and Cocullo. The real ascent now begins to Olmo di Bobbi. A couple of kilometres before Pescina, a left turn at the junction in the direction of Ortona dei Marsi leads to the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo.

Bike inside the unique and picturesque setting of the Park in the direction of San Sebastiano and then Bisegna. At the slopes of Monte Palombo (2,013 m.), take the S.S.83 in the direction of Pescasseroli. Before reaching the village, which is the capital of the park, Monte Marsicano (2,242 m.) can be admired on the left. After Pescasseroli (1,167 MSL), head toward Opi (1,250 MSL) and then continue onto Civitella Alfedena (1,121 MSL).

Biking along the lovely waters of the Lake of Barrea, the participants reach Villetta Barrea (990 MSL). Here, a climb of more than ten kilometres leads to Passo Godi. Once Passo Godi (1,630 MSL) has been reached, it’s downhill all the way to Scanno (1,050 MSL), where the beautiful lake of Lago di Lambiamo is to be admired, passing by the famous Santuary della Madonna.

Continue downhill to Anversa degli Abruzzi and then uphill to Bugnara. Once more, it’s downhill to Sulmona, the departure point where refreshments are served at Piazza Garibaldi.


Feeding Stations

Registration guarantees access to all the feeding stations along the two itineraries. At each station, the participants will be able to taste the traditional wine and food products of the area (typical sweets, cold cuts, cheeses, country bread, water and wine). A festive reception will be held at the end of both Tours.


Those who register will receive a bib, a tag to put on their bikes and a bike bag, They will also be able to purchase the Wilier Wolf Bike.

Reception services

All the participants of the Wolf Bike Tour, as well as those accompanying them, are entitled to a 20% discount for all the activities and accommodations listed, which will also provide shelter for their bicycles.