The Wolf Bike Tour Ambassadors

The Wolf Bike tour is not only a “cyclosportive” in the Green Heart of Europe: it is also a new way of thinking and living the sport of cycling, a great event aimed at reviving many of the values of amateur cycling that, in recent years, due to an obsession with performance and competition have abandoned many Cyclosportives.

The bicycle is beauty, a love of nature, a desire to challenge oneself,
a curiosity to discover the surrounding territories and the pleasure of enjoying the fruit of that territory.

If you are interested in promoting these values, if you prefer cycling that is less extreme and more intelligent, promote the Wolf Bike Tour amongst your cycling friends and become an Ambassador: just register 10 people (who pay) and your registration will be free, and you will also receive the exclusive Wolf Bike Tour jersey, which will be given to you the weekend of the event.

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