A bicycle is the visible form of the wind

A non-profit association founded 2 years ago in order to promote the use of bicycles and sustainable mobility in Italy. We intend to convince all those Italians who still do not use bikes to leave their cars in the garage and start pedalling around the city (they may finally be realising just how economical, healthy, clever and enjoyable it is to do so).

Therefore, in addition to educational and informative activities we organised Cyclopride Days in Milan and Palermo the past three years, which brought out more than 40,000 of our fellow citizens to pedal into the city streets.

But we of Cyclopride Italia also want to promote the sporting use of the bicycle. That’s why we created the “Wolf Bike Tour” format at this year’s second edition, and we are now working on a very important project that’s planned for 25 September 2016: The Milan Cyclosportive.

For us, the sport of cycling is not what the majority of the amateur cyclosportives promote.
For us, it is first and foremost a challenge to oneself, before being a challenge to others. For us, competitiveness is a game and should be the essence not the goal of a cyclosportive. We don’t pedal to win, we pedal to be with our friends, to enjoy the views, to have a good time with bursts of exuberant competition, to eat well after having cycled for a long time…. All this in what is perhaps the most beautiful country of the world…Italy.

The bicycle makes it possible for us to take on a long trip with a calm yet attentive view and it is a marvelous storyteller. So let’s listen together, pedalling.